Pray for America!
Pray for America!

Worship opportunities

Sunday School Discipleship     9:15
Sunday Morning Worship Service    10:00
Jam Kids Worship 10:00
Fourth Sunday Night Revival  6:00
Wednesday Bible Study   7:00
Wednesday Erupt Student Fellowship  7:00
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Our Senior Pastor

Jonathan and Sandy Lambert
          Jonathan and Sandy Lambert have been serving in Church staff ministry since they were married in 1989. They have served as Student Pastor, Associate Pastor, Music and Worship Pastor, and are serving in their fifth senior pastorate as the pastor of the Warrior Church of God. They have dedicated their lives to ministry.
     Sandy is a High School Mathematics teacher whose gentle, fun-loving, and caring personality has won her the love of everyone who gets acquainted with her. She has always excelled at everything she has done, and her work as a leader in the church is no exception. She is an exceptional lady of God.
      Jonathan has been in the ministry since he accepted the call of God in November of 1986. An Ordained Bishop in the Church of God, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Lee University.  He has preached, sang, and ministered all over Alabama and is respected as a leader and mentor in many areas of the state. He preaches a creative, personable message that challenges Christians of all ages to grow and mature in the faith. He strives for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and seeks to be an obedient servant as he leads and ministers to his flock. He is a pastor who understands his call.
      Jonathan and Sandy are the proud parents of Lexi, a beautiful young lady who came to them from the Nation of Guatemala in September of 2004. She was only four months old when they adopted her, and she has grown into a bright and energetic young lady with a quick wit and a deep love for God.





Worship/ Assistant Pastors                   
Nathan and Jessika Childers
      Nathan and Jessika Childers  are longtime members of the Warrior Church of God.  It is in this church that they met  in 2001 while being involved with a contemporary Christian worship band where they traveled all over Alabama playing youth functions, revivals, and special events.
      After getting married in 2004, Nathan and Jessika moved to Pensacola, Florida where they got involved with Pensacola Worship Center Church of God.  It was there, in 2005, that they were asked by the pastor to take over the youth ministry and they enthusiastically accepted. In 2008 they moved back to Warrior and stepped right into the same position as youth pastor.  They continued to minister to the youth until early 2019, and are continuing in assisting the new Student Pastors, Jeff and Krista Cato, but their hearts have been inspired to embrace an even greater vision. Now, they have embraced the Ministry of Worship, as well as serving as Assistant Pastor of the Warrior Church of God.
      Jessika is a Licensed Dental Hygienist and has amazing vocal talent. She loves using her gifts to glorify God and lead people into an authentic atmosphere of worship. She is using that talent to minister to the congregation, but also to direct the Warrior Church Worship Choir.  
       Nathan, a talented singer, songwriter, and musician, has a powerful internal drive to see God’s people in heartfelt worship. He understands that the key to breakthrough in any life is found in the passionate pursuit of God, and that corporate worship is both the invitation to , and the outflow of, a life that places a relationship with Christ at the peak of priority. It is from that knowledge that he and Jessika operate in their ministry to those who come in worship…
Student Pastors
Jeff and Krista Cato
     Jeff and Krista Cato come from a  family that has been in  ministry around Warrior for decades. They served for years under the leadership of Jeff’s father, Rev. James Cato, and continue to carry his legacy in their own work of ministry. They have a deep commitment to Youth work that engages today’s culture, but also embraces the truth that has preserved the Gospel since Jesus ascended. They are passionate about reaching the hearts of young people with an excitement for the cause of Christ and a powerful walk in the Spirit.
     Jeff and Krista have five children, all of which are growing into the work of ministry themselves. They believe in the transcendence of faith from generation to generation, a belief that reveals itself in their family and their work of ministry…





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